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Stratford Brewing Company's signature beer is Stratford Pilsner. Brewed in traditional style using all-natural ingredients, Stratford Pilsner is as smooth and graceful as the swans floating down the Avon River. Golden amber, crisp, and always fresh, it's a beer that you'll enjoy anytime, any season.

"Not only is the beer all-natural and unpasteurized, it tastes great too! The rich golden colour is a promise of things to come; served ice cold, look for bright flavours of apricot, spice, lemon, and floral undertones. It is certainly crisp enough to enjoy on its own, ideally on a shady uptown patio, but it also has enough substance and weight to hold its own against food, especially the kind of local fare we have become accustomed to - high quality, fresh ingredients." States reviewers Judy Atchison & Alex Good.

Stratford Pilsner is brewed in small batches in our Stratford brewhouse by brewmaster Joseph Tuer. We use only the finest malt, yeast and hops and follow traditional methods of brewing to produce a first-class pilsner. Stratford Pilsner is brewed using Stratford water, which is drawn from deep rock wells that are cased in bedrock.

At Stratford Brewing Company, we also care about the environment. All the spent mash generated from the brewing process is donated to local farmers to use as nutritious feed for their animals.